Caring for your Sofa

How to keep your sofa in good shape

We all have our favourite place to sit – the armchair nearest the fire or the end of the sofa nearest the window. Naturally, the cushions in our favourite spots show a little more wear than other places if you don’t do a few simple things:

* Plumping cushions (especially feather and hollow fill)

* Switching identical cushions around from time to time

* Redressing covers – covers might shift a little bit over time. Just tuck them back in firmly down the back of cushions with your special Multiyork tailoring bat (supplied with every sofa or chair). Chenille and velvet covers move the most and so we place extra ‘stabilisers’ down the side of the arms to help keep them in place.

Fabric Care

All fabrics are made to the highest possible standard and only the best dyes are used. Multiyork and the fabric houses guarantee the fabrics for one year from the date of delivery. Sunlight will fade most fabrics and precautions should always be taken to protect fabrics from exposure to direct sunlight.

Dry cleaning only may be recommended (according to the fabric composition). Fabrics are categorised for wear based on the results of the Martindale rub test. We recommend your chosen fabric achieves a minimum for general domestic use.


How to breathe new life into a much-loved sofa or amchair

If in the future your comfort levels or lifestyle change you can change the interiors of your cushions to a different material. Our replacement cushion interiors will easily change the level of comfort for you and breathe new life into much-loved sofas and armchairs.